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SAHARA is founded by a group of local people; Sahara was started in the year 1991. The organization provides various low-cost sustainable technological solutions for the development and implementation in the area of Agriculture, Education, Health, Income Generation, Global Warming and Promotion of Renewable Energy to improve the Socio-Economic standards of down-trodden people.


In the year 1984 a total of 50,771 people from 206 villages of Koraput district, Orissa have been affected by the Upper Kolab Multi Purpose Dam Project. Over 3,067 families from 57 villages were totally displaced by the Upper Kolab Project. About 52% of the affected are Tribals and 17% Dolits. The rehabilitation package of Orissa government was fixed Rs. 14,400 per family as a compensation amount.

The staff of Land Acquisition office Koraput had enrolled the name of effected villagers by taking a bribe of Rs. 1000/- per family during the period. By which a numbers of Tribals and Dolit poor families could not able to pay the bribe amount, which was non-officially fixed by the concerned department. As a result about 500 families of effected villages did not get the compensation amount.      More......


Improvement of living conditions of the indigenous people of the district, greater political power, wealth, leisure and better facilities for health, education and economy.

SAHARA believes equality, which can be achieved by empowering people through organization.

We facilitate the process by enabling people to be productive and self-reliant.

To empower rural poor for access to development and facilitate voluntary efforts in rural areas, strengthening participatory development at the grassroots involving all stakeholders.

To become rural resource center of committed and component professionals, facilitate processes such as action research, capacity building, networking and promotion of livelihood support options.

To influence public political and opinion and to co-operate all our activities towards the employment of rural people of Orissa.

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SAHARA has lighted 2850 households in 37 Tribal villages of Koraput district through Solar Based LED Home Lighting System.


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